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The International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts (IACVA) was founded in 2000 to provide worldwide support to professionals performing valuations or fraud deterrence engagements. IACVA is the first and only international association to provide such global support.

Today IACVA embraces a broad membership of professionals, students, regulators, academicians and others interested in the field of valuation and fraud deterrence. This broad-basis brings new ideas and discussions on the ever evolving theory and best practices essential to a growing discipline.

For IACVA’s professional members, our core objective is to transfer best practices in both valuation and fraud deterrence. In the valuation field, IACVA promotes the uniform application of valuation theories, approaches, methods and models throughout the world. In the field of fraud deterrence and forensic accounting, IACVA encourages the development and dissemination of consistent and demonstrable systems and techniques for both detection and prevention of fraud.

IACVA pursues its mission through the establishment and support of national professional associations known as Charter Members. These Charter Members represent distinct regions or countries, each with practitioners/members who provide services to their valuation and fraud prevention communities.

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