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The Valuation Summit was held in India on January 17, 2018

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The Valuation Summit was held in Bangalore on January 17, 2018.  The Summit included 130 participants and speakers from a diverse group, including international representatives from IVSC, iiBV and IACVS.  There was also speakers from the investment banking and private equity community.

The exciting news from India is the recent passage of the revised Registered Valuer legislation and the activation of a formal process to obtain the government license for this important practice.

Nick Talbot, CEO of IVSC gave the keynote speech on the ever present need for uniformity in both valuation practice and reporting.  Nick told the audience that the securities regulators from around the world anxious for such uniformity, especially for fair value reporting in financial statement of publicly traded companies.  With the increased cross-border investment coming to 

India, Indian regulators are keen to see the establishment of best practices for valuation to be used in India.  This will promote the public trust in India and make cross-border investments more transparent.

Michael Badham, CEO of iiBV chaired a panel, which included Bill Hanlin from IACVS.  This group discussed not only best practices in India, but also on an international basis. Future credibility of those involved in business valuation will be enhanced by earning a credential in business valuation, such as the ICVS – International Certified Valuation Specialist.

Bill Hanlin said that this initial valuation conference in India is a very important step in what will likely be a very rapid development of the professional valuator society in India.

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